Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Questions Galore- My Today Show Appearance

So I cannot believe I am saying this but.. I GOT TO BE ON THE TODAY SHOW. Did you hear me.. I got to get one step closer to my dream of being a real talk show host on the Today Show.. 

In the last 36 hours I have been overwhelmed with how many people saw me on The Today Show, and with that has come a lot of questions. I've gotten: Were you on the Today Show? How did you get on it? Was it live?... and so on.. so to clear that up, let me start from the beginning and give you a full background.

1. I LOVE The Today Show. I watch every episode and so into it that I can catch an outfit repeat! 

2. So, as a loyal fan, I think of ways I could get on the show. 

3. I like to watch the Joy Bauer segment, and realize I am eating at Chickfila everyday of the week on my meal plan. And while, yes, I have found that if I just eat meat of a chargrilled and fruit it is a VERY healthy meal I am still so tempted by the fried food. So I decided to ask Joy how to eat healthy.

4. I emailed a question to Joy about a month ago, and they told me they would probably not use it, but then I got an email a couple weeks ago asking me to Sykpe Live with them yesterday.

5. So of course I had to do it.

6. I had to be up at 7:30 am  and on the computer and then NBC skyped me, I did a sound check, and then waited until Al said they had a call from me. 

7. I was live for Eastern time zone, but not Central time zone. It was funny because some people in Auburn saw it at 8am and some at 9am.


9. Here is my question:
I am a college student who would like to keep off those extra pounds that students tend to gain. I attend a school with a required meal plan, so my options are somewhat limited. We have a lot of fast food restaurants (including pizza places and sandwich shops) on campus. What are ways that I can chose healthy options, but still tasty and filling (so I can splurge on ice cream and French fries once and awhile)?

10. So here is the link to my video if you missed it. I have gotten to be on the Today Show home page for 2 days in a row, and that is like a dream come true!

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  1. You can borrow my videos any time you want!! That one's just so great! And I am so glad I got to watch you be famous for a little while, and spend the WHOLE day with you! Love youu!! And your blog!